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Document interchange in EDI standard

We have been an EDI operator cooperating with the largest global commercial networks and producers for over 20 years. We provide service to Tesco, Auchan, Beko, Action, Coca-Cola, Carrefour, MediaMarkt and tens of others.

EDI standard (Electronic Data Interchange) is an electronic document interchange between business partners. Completely automatized and in line with strictly defined global standards.

We implement integrated solutions or with access via www based on authorship software. We specialise in individual implementations adjusted to the needs and technical abilities of our business partners. We are experienced in connecting any partners in the country and abroad via a wide range of communication protocols.

Benefits of using EDI:

  • administration cost reduction,
  • increased security and reliability of document interchange,
  • eliminating multiple entering the same data to different IT systems,
  • error reduction at rewriting data from documents to IT systems,
  • enhancement of information sending process, in particular, increasing speed and incontestability of its delivery,
  • consolidating partnership relations with business partners.

We offer a wide range of communication solutions performed on our own data interchange servers: SSL, X.400, AS2, FTP. We make connections with all other EDI operators and any business partners in Poland and all over the world. We provide the access to the Platform via Xtrade Konektor. the communication program, WebEDI application or independently via WebSerivices with sent document status control.

EDI platform architecture contains flexibly adjusted modules:

  • Transmission - transactional transmission service
  • Translation - change of format of transferred data
  • Integration - enables filling out the data required by the partner and not occurring in other source system (e.g. change of product codes)
  • Validation - verification of syntax conformity of sent documents
  • Archiving - messages stored for the period of 1 year

We offer technical support at every stage of implementation as well as you can telephonically contact the Technical Support Centre during the entire period of cooperation.