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Solutions for companies

XTRADE S.A. Auction-Tender Service is a solution which is a combination of IT tools and counselling services which enable enhancement of tender process performance as well as ensure achievement of better commercial conditions in a few times shorter period of time as compared to those achieved in traditional negotiations.

E-tender enables the Client to achieve:
  • larger reduction of purchase prices of goods and services than in traditional negotiations,
  • more free time by shortening the purchase process,
  • the possibility of simultaneous negotiations with many bidders geographically distributed all over the world,
  • the possibility to lower prices of regular suppliers,
  • the possibility to quickly compare offers rated by multiple criteria,
  • We organise international e-tenders in English in any currency, EUR, USD, CHF, GBP.

The advantages of e-tender:
  • assured bidder credibility - only invited companies can participate,
  • assuring full transparency of tender process,
  • the possibility of simultaneous negotiation of many parameters, i.e. guarantee period, performance time, delivery time, payment time,
  • the possibility to purchase any good or service on the basis of a prepared requirement specification,
  • The Purchaser is not obliged to perform a purchase from any bidder,
  • bidders cannot see each others nor their bids, but only the current position of their bid.
We organised a few thousand B2B e-tenders for any type of goods and services. We did not meet any industrial nor product limitations. It is enough to develop a specification of a needed good or service, contact our company and the rest is our job.

Example goods and services that are the subject of e-tenders:
  • security services, company cleaning
  • hardware and office equipment consumables
  • construction work performance
  • transportation and courier services
  • software
  • cars - purchase, leasing, fuel data sheets
  • promotional and office materials
  • technical design performance
  • IT equipment - servers, printers, computers
  • flight tickets and integration trips
  • refrigerators, flow coolers
  • building and refurbishing services.
We can organise an e-tender for any good and service for your company.

We also organise sales e-auctions where the Seller offers goods or services for sale. We specialise in selling credibility packages.

Do you want to buy cheaper?

Contact us, we will organise the first tender for your company without permanent fees.

Solutions for public administration

XTRADE S.A. Auction-Tender Service enables the use of electronic tools projected by the Public Procurement Act in proceedings for awarding a public procurement contract.

The conformity of the auction-tender system with the PPA ensures the Contracting Authorities the correctness in spending public funds by full transparency and competitiveness of the conducted proceedings as well as application of any necessary security systems in the electronic communication. Each interchange resulting from the novelisation of the act or accompanying its regulations causes service adaptation to effective legal rules.

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