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Action S.A.
„Since the half of 2009 we have used the XTRADE Platform to exchange documents with Polish business networks and our foreign suppliers. During that time, we learnt about technical possibilities of the Platform as well as the reliability and the level of services provided by the employees of XTRADE S.A. in the extend which allows us to recommend this company as a credible and competent business partner. We can also recommend the XTRADE communication platform to all interested persons as a secure, reliable and stable surface for business data interchange. ”

IT Director

ASTRA - Coffee-roasting room in Poznań

„As we wanted to enhance the cooperation with business partners, we decided to cooperate with XTRADE S.A. which offers comprehensive services within the System of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

The scope, form and level of provided services gives us the guarantee for full security of interchanged documents and their simultaneous transfer to our business partners. “The solution offered by XTRADE S.A. in a significant manner contributed to the enhancement of our cooperation with a wide range of business partners. On behalf of Poznańska Palarnia Kawy Astra Sp. z o.o., we would like to recommend XTRADE S.A. as a credible business partner. ”

President of the Management Board

Bank Zachodni WBK S.A.

„The Department of Purchases in the Bank Zachodni has been cooperating with XTRADE S.A. since 2010 in the scope of e-auctions and counselling for e-auction organisation.
We confirm the high competences of XTRADE S.A. and flexible conditions of cooperation. Full involvement of employees of XTRADE S.A. during current cooperation, their high competences and perfect preparation for cooperation with clients deserves to be especially highlighted.”

Purchase Department Director

Beko S.A.

„Beko S.A. confirms the fact of using the System of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) as well as Invoice Archiving and Viewing System of XTRADE S.A. since 2004.

The solutions offered by XTRADE S.A. in a significant manner contributed to the enhancement of our activity in the field of commercial document interchange with our recipients. The System of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) as well as System for Archiving and Viewing Invoices brought us measurable financial benefits as well as in a significant manner influences the improvement of cooperation with our recipients and electronic invoice operation. At the same time, full transparency of document interchange process was assured.

We would like to confirm the high quality of services offered by XTRADE S.A. both at the stage of preparation, implementation and service of electronic documents.”

President of the Management Board

Mennica Polska S.A.

„Mennica Polska S.A. has cooperated with XTRADE S.A. in the scope of comprehensive organisation of national and foreign tenders since 2005.

Company’s employees show full professionalism, work experience and high personal culture. Their flexibility, creative approach to tasks and involvement significantly exceed the frames of standard cooperation.

With full conviction, we can recommend XTRADE S.A. as a reliable and professional partner.”

Procurement Department Director

Polkomtel S.A. – Plus network operator

„Polkomtel S.A. has been cooperating with XTRADE S.A. in the scope of organisation of electronic auctions since 2002.

XTRADE S.A. is a reliable company that deserves to be recommended. A high advantage of XTRADA S.A. is the flexible approach of the employees towards the Platform possibilities, appropriate selection of its functions, depending on the object of the organised electronic auction.

With full conviction, we recommend XTRADE S.A. as a reliable and professional partner.”

Purchase Department Director

Siroscan sp. z o.o., formerly Procter and Gamble Polska

„Siroscan sp. z o.o., originally Procter and Gamble Polska, have cooperated with XTRADE S.A. within the scope of EDI document interchange with our recipients since 2004.

The implementation of order processing in the form of EDI messages significantly enhanced the process of their service and brought such measurable process advantages that we are working on the implementation of this form of communication for other types of business documents. The reliability and quality of services provided by XTRADE S.A. as well as operation stability and dependability of the EDI data interchange platform had high influence on our positive opinion.

I am really pleased to recommend all interested persons the service of XTRADE S.A. as well as the communication platform it made available as a secure and reliable manner of cooperation with one’s business partners.”

Member of the Management Board


„Sodexho has been a client of XTRADE S.A. in the scope of conducting electronic auctions for purchase of different type of goods and services since 2003.
The solution offered by XTRADE S.A. in a significant manner contributed to enhancement of our activity in the field of procurement. The Auction-Tender Service brings us measurable financial advantages, reduction of costs connected with the purchase of goods and services as well as significantly simplifies the tenders we organise.
A very important component of the offered solution is providing full transparency of the negotiation process.
At the same time, we would like to confirm the high quality of the services offered by XTRADE S.A. both at the stage of tender preparation and organisation in the form of the electronic auction as well as at the stage of conducting the tender in the auction-tender system.”

Purchase Director

Municipal Office in Jaworzno

„XTRADE S.A. organised first electronic auctions for the Municipal Office in Jaworzno in 2008. Services were provided with due diligence, according to the concluded contract.
We recommend XTRADE S.A. as a credible and solid partner.”

City Vice-President

Van Pur S.A.

„In 2009 VAN PUR S.A., pursuing to rationalise the costs and standardise the procurement procedures, started to implement e-tenders as the manner to choose the suppliers of materials, services, technologies and investment contractors. It was connected with significant changes in the manner of price and condition negotiation, we had to find an experienced partner who would facilitate this task for us.

We chose XTRADE S.A. whose offer, especially in terms of cooperation with all tender participants (also in English), we found especially interesting.
Since January 2010, we have conducted in cooperation with XTRADE S.A. about 40 tenders. We always received aid in the choice of the auction type, the manner of their conducting as well as concerning any other related issues, we never experienced a situation in which the employees of XTRADE S.A. would not have time for us. Each contact between our teams is kind and friendly as well as professional and productive and the developed procedures enable us to organise the next tenders in the fast and skilful manner.

So far, our experiences allow us to honestly recommend XTRADE S.A. as a partner in organisation and conducting internet tenders and we are ready to answer the questions about it.”

Head of Strategical Procurement

Wydawnictwo Wiedza i Praktyka

„Wydawnictwo Wiedza i Praktyka, due to highly developed offer mainly directed to economic entities, generates a few thousand invoices a month. Since we wanted to improve the cooperation with out business partners and optimise the administrative costs of our business activity, we developed an interest in the possibility of implementation of the e-invoice service.

Due to the innovative forms of such invoice service and strict, conservative position of the tax control bodies, we looked for a future partner for performance of this service with particular care. Upon the analysis of offers available on the market, we decided to start cooperation with XTRADE S.A. Its offer, approach to the analysis of our needs and its renown on the market of Electronic Document Interchange (EDI) gave us the highest probability of performance of the system which would meet all our requirements.

In the course of cooperation, it turned out to be the right choice. The competences and involvement of the employees of XTRADE S.A. in the cooperation with us allowed to create and implement the solution for generation, sending and archiving electronic invoices signed with the qualified electronic signature, according to our expectations. The system was introduced into production activity of the company over a half year ago, during that time, we sent a few thousands invoices with it and we are still satisfied with its operation and the scope of support on the side of employees of XTRADE S.A.

It is a pleasure to recommend XTRADE S.A. as a credible and highly competent business partner, both in the scope of e-invoice service and performance of innovative solutions in the field of electronic data interchange.”

Authorised agent