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The purchase order support system

The Purchase Order Support System was designed as a complex device for support of purchase department operation of an enterprise. It functionally includes the entire purchase service process according to the enterprise’s needs - from reporting an internal purchase application, through its electronical approval, service in the department responsible for purchases, sending an electronical offer inquiry to selected bidders, to organisation of electronic negotiations in the form of e-tender.

Conducting the process by means of electronic document interchange allows to standardise procedure application, shorten the time needed for preparation of proceedings and optimise the process of Commercial Partner selection. The competition between suppliers in the real time during an e-tender allows to achieve better negotiation efficacy as compared to traditional forms of their peformance.

Its modular structure and wide scope of parameterisation allows for flexible implementation adjustment to user’s individual needs, creating the possibility of easy activation of new functions in future.

The system forms are developed and made available to users on the basis of consistent activating-generating environment (framework WebDB), which allows for performance and inserting additional functions and forms individual for each client in the system logics. This enables us to perform highly advanced module adaptations, adjusting them to the Client’s individual requirements.

The system is particularly useful in companies where a quality assurance system is implemented in the field of internal purchases which requires the application of unified procedures and forms. It also has a perfect application in distributed structures, both with centralized purchase department and distributed merchants. It is also an electronic archive of documents connected with the performed processes and actions taken at their performance by company employees.

The system is performed in the Web technology - you need only an internet browser which operates 128-bit encryption to use its all functions. In a standard offer, the system is available in a SAP model, i.e. the supplier ensures appropriate software and equipment, the client only pays for system use and only during the period of its operation. This allows users to obtain access to it from any place in the world, 24 h a day and the client minimalizes his expenses for system activation and maintenance.